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Luxury Branding | Signature Expereince Intensive by Julia Molloy of Molloy Management Group


Are you thinking about updating your website, logo, branding or marketing materials, but are not sure exactly what to do? If you could have an expert that knows your business and your clientele look at your website, social media, logo, business card and marketing materials, assess them, help you define your brand anchors, express yourself authentically and create a detailed to do list, would you be interested? What if they would also help you take that brand and use it as a basis for creating a polished and memorable client experience that your clients will rave about? Would that be valuable to you? If so, sign up for this intensive, because that is exactly what I am going to do for you!

I will do for you, what you do for your clients. Before your clients paint a wall or buy a piece of furniture, you help them step back, understand their needs and create an overarching concept and a plan that makes the best use of their budget. This is exactly what I will do, but for your brand! I will look at everything you’ve got, help you define your brand’s values and characteristics, create a concept and then create a plan. It is extremely powerful and will help you make the most of your marketing and website development time and budget.

After you sign up, I will have you send me all of your branding materials and I will send you some worksheets to get the process going. Before our first session, I will assess all aspects of your brand. During the sessions I will provide you vital information and guidance on your website content, SEO, marketing and creating an impressive experience for your clients. I will also provide personal and specific guidance during the group sessions and in our 1-on-1 meeting.

You will emerge with clarity and a plan for the following:

  • Your portfolio
  • The content on your website
  • Examples of best templates your web designer can use
  • What your website must include- and NOT include
  • Determine your ten most strategic keywords and how to use them
  • Demystify SEO and show you how to easily check your SEO and make sure it’s right
  • Provide feedback and guidance on your logo, business card and marketing materials
  • If appropriate, give guidance and ideas on a logo and business card concept
  • Walk you through all the points of contact and milestones with your clients and give you ideas on how to make them exceptional

You will leave with:

  • Detailed list of To-Do’s for your web designer
  • SEO know how
  • Clarity on your brand’s look and feel
  • A defined client experience that gets them raving about you

This intensive will give you the discernment, resources and knowledge needed to save you a ton of time and money on your brand update and marketing as you move forward. Just like what you provide your clients, you will save time and money and will end up with a final result that reflects you beautifully and powerfully. This helps you attract more of the right clients and gives you a new sense of invigoration about your business.

This is one of my most popular programs. You will feel amazingly clear and rejuvenated when you look at your logo, website and materials and it resonates with you. It has a ripple effect on all that you do. Your energy more powerfully aligns with who you are and what your true gift is. The result is always more of the best projects, a stronger bottom line and a wonderful feeling of fulfillment.

I am so excited about this intensive. I hope you join me!

Expecting Great Things-

Julia Molloy




Design Firm Office Manager Bootcamp

In this two part intensive, we focus on the key areas of the role that are most often done incorrectly or inefficiently. I provide hands on, real world training, in context to the entire firm’s functioning and give them a straight forward guideline for managing your business effectively.

Give them the tools and training they need to refine their processes and support your office most effectively.

Your takeaways include the video recordings of the training sessions, a dedicated Office Manager handbook full of procedures and job details that will help your core team member excel.

Julia Molloy is sharing a video about Design Firm Office Manager Interior Design



Julia Molloy is sharing a complimentary luxury branding video series with you

Authentic Luxury Workshop Lesson Series Molloy Management Group


Julia Molloy Announces Acquisition of BOD Conference and Upleveled to BOLD Summit!

Hi Everyone!  I hope you are doing well.  Wow, this year is zipping by!  Well, I told you a while back that I would have some big announcements for you. As many of you might have gathered, I did go ahead and purchase the 10 year strong, annual Business of Design (BOD) Conference!  David Shepherd decided to retire and offered the conference to me. Eventually, I said yes and I am now an international conference owner! It was a big step for my company, but it is the best thing I ever did! Fortunately, I was ready when the opportunity presented itself and I was craving a more dynamic platform by which to advance the design industry and empower designers, which as you know, is my mission.

The BOD, while very impressive, did not quite embody the luxury touch that I resonate with.  So, I re-branded the event and it is now called the  Business of LUXURY Design Summit or BOLD Summit for short.   I shifted the event to be more focused on the particular business needs of luxury oriented interior designers and architects, as this is what my firm, Molloy Management Group has been guiding the industry on for the last 9 years and well, it’s what I know best!

BOLD Summit 2014 by Julia Molloy of Molloy Management Group

It has been a wonderful adventure putting it together over the last 10 months and way more work than I thought!  I absolutely love it though, so no complaints here!  This first year I decided to keep it the same days as it has been for the last 10 years, the Thursday and Friday right before labor day, the 28th and 29th of August.

To my great delight, we have been able to gain the support of so many thought leaders in the industry.  We have some AMAZING designers coming to share their secrets, namely Mario Buatta, Clodagh, Richard Landry and Vicente Wolf!  We also have some big dogs like Crans Baldwin and Lloyd Princeton coming to share with us what you need to know about billing for time and product in this new age of design, as well as some leaders in the design publication arena to talk about what you need  to know about how to get published. Michela, President of Dwell, Traditional Home, Hospitality Magazine and Mike Peterson of Luxe will be there.

The list of brilliance at the event is long, but suffice it to say, if you are building your design business and are striving to become a more powerful presence in the world of high-end design, you will want to be there.  I’ll share more with you over the coming weeks and you can also take a look at the event here:


Julia Molloy of Molloy Management Group hosts the BOLD Summit

If you know me, you know that I am a rubber-meets-the-road kind of person.The BOLD Summit is not going to be a fluff fest, but packed with real business critical content that propels your business forward.  This is extremely important to me. This is also why I am giving all of the attendees the recording of the presentations so that you can share the ideas with your team and really implement change back at the office.

Here are a few highlights that our faculty of Design Masters are bringing you at this year’s event!

• Massive amounts of information, knowledge, and strategies that took the most successful masters in the industry DECADES to learn, you’ll learn in TWO DAYS. Why reinvent the wheel? They want to show you how to catapult to success, earning more revenue in less time.

They’ll explain how they created international luxury brands, how they run their businesses, how they became published, and how they maximize profitability.

• Meet publishers and editors from: DWELL, ROBB Report, Traditional Home, Hospitality Magazine and Luxe!

• David Mandell will discuss ways to streamline operations & cash flow and practices for productive wealth management & protection, tax shelters, etc.

• Lloyd Princeton, Kim Kuhteubl and Chris Ramey will discuss innovative marketing strategies in a changing clientele – what it means to attract your ideal luxury clientele and how to negotiate accordingly.

• Mike Peterson of Luxe Magazine will discuss the importance of branding and HOW to brand yourself for a changing clientele.

We will take an in-depth look at how other design firms are billing and making money! Including: discount from retail vs. markup, value-based fees vs. time billing, and price-per-square foot strategies and answer that pressing question, WHAT IS THE BEST BILLING MODEL FOR MY FIRM?!

Anyway, I am excited and I am so incredibly blessed to be able to provide this experience to our lovely design community.   The coming weeks are all about preparation for the big day.  I’ll share more about the award ceremony and how the event is giving back to a few special causes soon.

Until then, let me know if you have any questions on the BOLD Summit and as always,

Expect great things!

Julia A. Molloy


Julia Molloy Discusses Abundance Mentality & Applying it to Your Interior Design Business

Hi Everyone!  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about manifesting abundance. I wanted to share a situation that came up a few days ago, that went metaphorically, something like this;

“I have a fruit tree you can plant and it will begin to bear all the fruit you can eat for a lifetime within 4 days.” A woman says to a very hungry man.

“What does it cost?” The man asks.

“One of the 5 apples you have in your pack.”

The man scoffs and says, “Are you kidding? I only have these few apples to eat for the next week! I don’t have enough to buy that tree!”

THAT is scarcity mentality and it is a program imbedded into our brains from an early age. It is a self-perpetuating circumstance of lack, and staying in that thought process keeps you in that perpetual state.

julia molloy of Molloy Management Group, interior design business

Train yourself to continually reach for a better feeling thought. This is how we hone our thoughts into resonance with abundance.

In business we make choices every day. The path we choose on a daily basis is a direct reflection of our belief system. Do we believe there is not enough to do what it takes to expand? Or do we have a belief in abundance and choose to make strategic choices to invest in perpetuating a state of abundance?

Our thoughts create our choices and our choices create our experience. Our thoughts reveal themselves through our words, our businesses, our relationships, our health and our happiness.

I’ll give you an example that comes by my desk almost weekly.

A design firm has too many projects. Their tiny, recession sized team can’t handle the work well anymore and more work is coming in. Things are getting missed. Everyone is overwhelmed. Clients are becoming increasingly dissatisfied. The owner must make a fundamental choice. Do they believe in scarcity or abundance? Invest in process flow improvements and possibly another team member and perpetuate growth, or bet on the pipeline drying up, thus perpetuating the possibility of such.

There is risk either way. I say, be smart about it, expand slowly, but betting on good things happening will create an environment that perpetuates good things happening. That is abundance mentality.

julia molloy of molloy management group, interior design business consultant

We automatically manifest whatever level of abundance that our energy is vibrating at. As we begin to align with the thoughts and feelings of abundance, it will show up in our lives. It’s that simple.

I’ve been working on really listening to my thoughts and my words for quite some time now; refining the way in which I perceive the world. Our words do tell all. I can still catch myself sometimes in a thought cycle that is of lack. It’s a matter of retraining or simply refining the way we think.

I know there are so many of us now practicing the art of aligning our thoughts with abundance.  When I catch myself in a negative spin, I listen and accept my current fear. Then talk myself through it by reaching for a better feeling thought, an encouraging though and then the next even better feeling thought and so on. Abraham Hicks has been a great resource for me. If you’re not familiar. Check it out. It can be a little out there, but I’m drinking the Koolaide these days and I loving it!

Our reality starts within. That’s what I mean when I say “One becomes luxury from the inside out.”

What do you bet on in your business? Are you holding on to thought patterns of lack or do your thoughts beacon in abundance? Let me know your thoughts!


Expecting great things-



Julia Alexander Molloy, President

Molloy Management Group

Phone: 503-208-2757


What Is The Best Product Mark-up Billing Model?

Last chance to sign up for my complimentary Webinar on product pricing next week. Feel free to join in. Learn how product mark ups and pricing is changing in our industry. See you there!

Interior Design Business


Despite all the options for clients to shop for a “deal”, knowing what product will inform the design is part of a successful job – and clients ultimately hold their designer accountable for the quality of their selections (even when the client says they will handle the buying). It is almost impossible to deliver a design to a client that does not include tapping your knowledge of product quality, cost and availability. It is for this reason that interior designers have to understand the role of procurement in their business model.



3 Part Formula for Increased Profits in Your Interior Design Business - Part One

Hi there! I hope you are well. I want to focus on finance today. There has been a lot of movement in the industry, especially as it pertains to billing models and profit. We all want to make and keep more money.  But how do we do that?  How do you know where you’re making money and where you’re losing it?  These are the tough questions that Principal Interior Designers must face every day. Ultimately you’ve got figure out the formula for becoming as profitable as possible. There are 3 components to a healthier bottom line; efficiency, financial awareness and a high revenue to man hour ratio. Mastering these components is the winning formula for financial success.

Julia Molloy of Molloy Management Group discusses profit

Just because your revenue is up, does not mean that your profit is up.

The First Component is Efficiency

We’ll start with the most elusive of the three components, efficiency. In this service business, efficiency IS money.

In fact, efficiency or lack thereof, is the number one silent killer of profit. The first rule of efficiency is; do more with what you’ve got!  First, identify areas you need to tighten up efficiency. In which of the following areas are you losing money?

Top 5 sources of inefficiency and a weak bottom line:

Inadequate structure:  Without the proper systems and processes, workflow is disjointed and efforts are not optimized.  Every team member needs to know what needs to get done and who is responsible for it.  The average poorly structured, 3 person firm spends about $18,000 in extra payroll and over $20,000 in opportunity costs each year due to inappropriate tools, roles and task assignments.

Disorganization:  Without a place to centralize information it is difficult to coordinate and quickly find important information when and where you need it. The average 3 person interior design firm wastes over $4,500 a year in extra payroll costs just looking for things!

Poor delegation: Leverage your time; dedicate it to activities that truly require YOUR attention.  Spend your billable hours on billable tasks or other revenue generating activity. Having better systems will facilitate you being able to delegate and get quality and timely results from your team members or contractors. Developing your ability to perform well through other people will increase capacity and productivity which translates to a stronger bottom line.

Interruptions: Strive for prolonged periods of high concentration.  This is the most productive state. Every time you and your team) get interrupted you lose a few minutes of productive time. The start and stop mentality is an epidemic in this industry and it costs the average inefficient 3 person firm over $10,000 in extra payroll every year!

Firefighting:  Time is wasted fixing things, repeating efforts or redoing something.  These disruptions redirect time and resources and indicate that you do not have adequate control of your processes. Proactive 3 person interior design firms save an average of 30,000 a year in actual payroll costs over firms that are in reactive mode.

This is all cash that could flow straight to your bottom line!

Molloy Management Group shares profit and efficiency link

Your efficiency is directly proportionate to your profit. The first step is to identify your money leaks.

Keys to Efficiency

  • Proper organizational structure: roles and responsibilities, even if it’s just you and a part timer or two
  • Centralized information that streamlines processes. We strongly recommend Studio Webware for this. See
  • Strong delegation skills and a weekly team sync meeting
  • Appropriate technology choices for your firm
  • Simple to use, easy to maintain systems, tools and methods
  • Well-structured and documented workflows
  • Eliminate redundancies and duplicated efforts

Having these foundational elements will facilitate the next two components falling right into place.

In the meantime, take a look at your efficiency measures.  How efficient are you? Identify key processes that need improvement and feel free to be in touch if you’d like some help.

Can you guess what the second component of increasing profit is?

Expecting great things!

Julia Molloy


Welcome to the New Age from Julia Molloy of Molloy Management Group

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to approach this year. This year feels different. It IS different. Heck, last November felt different. The economy picked up, the energies shifted.  Whatever the cause, I knew my approach to my life and my business had shifted along with it and I see it in many of you too. What is the shift?  I wanted to answer this question for myself before I reached out to you all again. It took me until March to develop a vocabulary around it that felt complete. And that brings me to my word.

I asked myself what was the essence of my new approach. What word encompasses the shift I sense all around me?  I have been so pleased to see that the words authenticity and resonate have caught on and are now included in conversation all around. Spoken by every day people that have little ethereal leaning. This is all a sign of our evolution as a community, as bosses, as business owners, as people, spouses and parents. But these do not accurately describe the shift. They are RESULTS OF the shift.

Julia Molloy of Molloy Management Group addresses the new age of interior design

Do you feel the shift this year? It’s everywhere and it is good.

For me, the word that best expresses my new sense of focus is …. ALIGNMENT. And over the last few weeks, I have come to realize that it has been my word all along. That is what I do!  I help firms, more specifically, designers,  creatives, business owners and their teams to align with their flow, their authentic client, their team work, how they express themselves. Alignment is the key!

Alignment to what you may ask. Well, the answer is different for everyone and that’s what keeps things fresh for me. Regardless of the specific point of alignment, we all end up lining up our lives in a similar pattern. Alignment results in the same things for just about everyone; more time to spend enjoying the people who matter to us, more ease in our work, an increase in output with less effort, a sense of relief, a sense of fulfillment and something else pretty miraculous. More of the right clients show up at our door. More amazing opportunities and synchronicities occur regularly in an upward spiral. Not unlike a bird spiraling up and soaring in a thermal. Effortlessly and joyfully we lift up closer to our full expression. And then it gets really fun!

a-new-beginning for interior design business consultant Julia Molloy

Are you ready to play a bigger game?

A year ago, this would have sounded out of reach. We at Molloy Management Group were in the middle of some serious heavy lifting as a company. It was hard. Fulfilling in many ways, but difficult. Now, as we enter a new year, things have shifted and the ease is settling in as we become more aligned with…. Well, with ourselves.  Are you experiencing this too?

I think as a group, we are more aware of our true desires and becoming more cognizant that we REALLY CAN create the lifestyle we want through our businesses and when we become honest about what that is for us, our paradigm is a lot more simple than we thought it would be. I know it’s not just me. I hear your stories every day and there really has been a shift for so many of us.

What does this mean? We each have to answer that for ourselves, but for me, it means a more inclusive approach to my business. This means that I will share a bit more of my journey with you all. It means I will include my thought processes and perceptions more openly with you. Many of you who I talk with understand my little magic touch I bring into the conversation. I will no longer reserve that special nuance to personal work with clients alone, but will share it openly with you all.

julia Molloy of molloy management discusses new age of interior design

What does your new paradigm look like?

As I align this year, you will begin to see shifts in my branding, our website, my head shot, my bio and the scope of Molloy Management Group. A little softer, more luxurious, more expansive, more, well, more authentic. It feels a little like coming out of the closet, but more like the blooming of a flower.

What does your alignment look like? As you more closely align your life and your business with your authentic desires and gifts, what will we see? An updated business niche, a new logo, new company name, new website, a different approach to how you run your projects? Bring it on! Be fearless. Strategic and fearless!

This is such an amazing time. I have never felt more inspired and jazzed about every day! I am ready for alignment. And I know you are too.

Welcome to the new age, my friends.

Let’s DO THIS!

julia molloy of molloy management group and bold summit

Come on! Let’s DO This!

Expecting Great Things,


Julia Molloy


5 Essential Elements To Creating A Luxury Interior Design



Julia Molloy Shares How To Become a Luxury Interior Design Business

Hi there! I’m looking forward to heading out to beautiful Atlanta tomorrow and wanted to make sure to invite you to join me if you are going to be in Atlanta this Wednesday.  I’ll be sharing a powerful presentation on elevating your interior design business to provide a more luxurious client experience.  Here is a a little info on the event.


ADAC - be at the center of it all


Interior design business consultant, Julia Molloy of Molloy Management Group

Nov. 13, 2013

“Seven Secrets of Top Luxury Designers” presented by Julia Molloy

From 10:00 am until 11 am

Join thought leader and design industry business expert, Julia Molloy as she walks you through a powerful, hands-on workshop on becoming luxury. Bring your iPad or tablet and be ready to work on brand development. You will emerge from the event transformed and prepared to make next steps in refining your brand’s signature experience for its clientele. During this action-packed workshop, Julia will provide guidance, ideas and help you take action in the following areas:

• Define your brand’s characteristics of authenticity
• Define and refine all your points of contact with the client
• How to become fully congruent with your unique style of luxury
• Use innate milestones to create a signature experience
• Develop your roadmap for brand refinement and luxury status

Register Now

To come join me this week at the beautiful ADAC design center in Atlanta, click on this link above and register for the event.  I hope to see you there!


Expecting great things-

Julia Molloy